Use Intelligent Data to
Make Better Decisions

Worknet provides technology that helps you collect real-time data that you can easily filter, sort, and understand.

1. Gather

We start by helping you collect data that's important

Using technology like the SmartCiti street light pole with onboard sensors, you can collect raw data on almost anything.


Use cameras to monitor no parking zones

Use cameras to see who is looking at advertisements

Record noise traffic with microphones

Use sensors to collect air quality samples

Bike path conditions using GoPro Hero 5

Use cameras to count pedestrians and cyclists

Use smartphones to collect road surface conditions

vehicle count, intersection turning movements, vehicle classifications, and logo recognition using cameras

2. Recognize

We use proprietary technology to process collected data

With deep learning and AI, we transform raw data into usable information.


3. Analyze

We make your data accessible the way you want it

Using Live Earth technology, the "smart data" is ready for you to sort, filter, categorize, and use.

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